Incubator Without Walls Companies


A B Bioinnovations, Inc.

AB Bioinnovations Inc provides a new biomaterial and procedure for immediate resolution of bone infection and inflammation. More than 200 well documented clinical cases have been done with an immediate restoration of the site (dental implants and a bone graft, etc). with 100% success of infection, inflammation and pain immediate resolution as well as biointegration of the restorative components.

Advanced Infomatics and Medical Solutions, Inc.

AFOS is a biomdecial devces and systems engineering company currently devloping a clinical instrument for early detection of cataracts.


Avanti Biosciences, Inc.

Avanti Biosciences, Inc. is a lead-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of small molecule compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease(AD) and Huperinsulinemia/Hyperammonemia Syndrome(HHS).

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AWE Technologies LLC

Active Wave Engineering (AWE) Technologies LLC focuses on non-invasively identifying & characterizing fluids + materials as well as manipulating objects by specially adapting wave energies that intersect the spectrum from acoustics to electromagnetics for solving challenging technical problems. AWE also deploys unique imaging and acoustic separation technologies for various biomedical and industrial applications. We create solutions from visionary science for a better life with transcendent technologies for a safer world.


Blood Cell Technologies, LLC

Blood Cell Technologies, LLC is an early-stage research and development biotechnology company with a focus on identifying, validating, and commercializing novel drug targets and compounds that may be used to diagnose or treat blood cell disorders. The initial focus of the company is development of a first-in-class redox-inhibiting compound to enhance platelet production in humans. 


Broad Shoulder Consulting LLC

System Engineering consultancy, spanning Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, and Software.Special expertise in precision sensing and imaging, including bio-imaging.Helping clients to develop cutting-edge devices and technologies since 2010.

Fiddlehead LifeSci, LLC

Fiddlehead LifeSci is a contract research organization that provides cell culture and monoclonal antibody services. Our market, as a startup, is former users of the now defunct Cell Culture/Hybridoma Facility of the Stony Brook University School of Medicine. We plan to expand that base in the future.


Grow More Foundation

Grow More Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting transparency and awareness of biotechnological advancements in agriculture. Everyone deserves access to safe and affordable food and our team of internationally renowned scientists are working with industry, regulatory bodies and the public to ensure global food supply and safety. 


Integrated Fiber Optic Systems, Inc.

IFOSYS is a biomdecial devces and systems engineering company currently devloping a clinical instrument for early detection of cataracts.


Mito Liuxia Pharma, Inc.

Mito LiuXiaPharma is a start-up company that focuses on targeting mitochondria-ATP production involved in NAD metabolism (electron transfer metabolism) for development of therapeutics. The company expects this technology to have major impact on developing in these therapeutic mitochondrial disorders.

Pontis Biologics, Inc.

Pontis Biologics was established to bring to market a dentifrice composition that uses biologic agents to disintegrate dental plaque and the oral product it matures into, the mineralized tartar/calculus.

PortMera LLC

PortMera will strive to bridge the innovation gap between academia and industry, translating promising research results into marketable products. To this purpose, our immediate goal is to launch “MediScreen”; a cloud-based SLM near infrared (NIR) spectrometer which is designed for rapid, at-field counterfeit pharmaceutical screening.

Progen, Inc.

Progen will commercialize assays and perform studies based on the expression of molecular biomarkers. Kits and Reagents produced at Progen will be marketed globally, to academic and Industry researchers.