Resident Companies


Advanced Infomatics and Medical Soultions LLC

AIMS endeavors to provide research, consulting, teaching and training services to business, industry, government and the public in all matters of health, education and technology domains. AIMS will undertake advanced research projects in the areas of biomed informatics, health care and cyber technology solutions.


AJES Lifesciences LLC

AJES is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) providing in vitro and in vivo non clinical efficacy studies, as well as clinical toxicolgy and mode of action analysis for pharmaceutical developers. 

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Alpha1 Biologics LLC

Alpha-1 Biologics, LLC, was founded by Cynthia L. Bristow, PhD, in June, 2011 for the purpose of developing her patented biotechnology related to first-in-class diagnostics therapeutics.


Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.

Applied DNA Sciences delivers anti-counterfeit solutions, supply chain protection, brand authentication, and evidentiary solutions for law-enforcement like no other. Our unique applications combat product diversion, and offer award-winning programs against cash-in-transit crimes, all using the proven forensic power of DNA.

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ASET Therapeutics Inc, discovers and develops therapeutics that selectively block mutant oncoproteins for the treatment of cancer.  Our vision is to provide a precision medicine solution that enables oncologists to screen cancer patients for tumors driven by a specific oncogenic lesion and to prescribe patient selective treatments.


Biocogent, LLC

Biocogent, LLC is a premier provider of high technology products and services to the personal care and cosmetic industries. Rooted in biotechnology, Biocogent utilizes pioneering technology in research, development, and manufacturing to provide innovative value-driven functional ingredients and services to its customers.


Chroma Research Labs, Inc.

Chroma Research Labs, Inc., is a start up company that started in 2012. The company is registered with the FDA and licensed by NY State Dept of Health to handle controlled substances. Chroma Resesarch Labs is mainly engaged in the analytical testing of pharmaceutical products, heavy metals testing of dieatary supplements as per California Prop 65, and vitamin and minerals testing for Nutraceutical firms. It also provides laboratory supplies such as filters and vials for lab testing. It supports other Pharmaceutical firms to establish expiration dating for their products by conducting accelerated and controlled room temperature stability studies. 



Development of vaccines against infectious diseases in human and animals.

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Hand Surgery Resource, LLC

Hand Surgery Resource is developing an online text and training tools for hand surgeons, students and support staff.


iCell Gene Therapeutics LLC

iCell Gene Therapeutics is focused on creating novel immunotherapies for cancer treatment through the development of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) therapies that target and destroy multiple types of cancer. Our goal is to eradicate these devastating diseases, and to offer patients with resistant cancer a chance at a cure.



Immunomatrix, LLC, is a seed-stage company focused on the development of a dermal skin patchdelivery system for vaccines and allergy immunotherapy.

Integrated Fiber Optic Systems, Inc.

IFOS is a biomdecial devces and systems engineering company currently devloping a clinical instrument for early detection of cataracts

Medicon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Medicon is a research company with one anticancer compound in the preclinical stage of development of diagnostic methods and devices and have licensed tehcnologies. 


Millennial Materials and Devices, Inc.

Millennial Materials is developing nanomaterial coating technologies.


Mitani Group, Inc.

Mitani Group is the parent of MMXVInfinitude, a unique product with radical positioning that disrupts the status quo of skincare. Its exclusive, proprietary technology will change expectations of how facial treatments work : it’s universal. Infinitude was successfully launched to consumers in New York in October 2017 : with no ad spend, the product immediately sold-out. The name hints at the scope of possibilities.Mitani Group’s ambitions are now to grow Infinitude into a larger range of products and to build a successful global brand.  And that process has begun.



Mobileware is focused on creating mobile-first applications and helping users to better manage their finances and time.

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Neomatrix Formulations

NMT has discovered a new class of peptide drugs that limit burn injury progression. In addition, NMT in collaboration with other companies is developing the use of FDA approved devices that can noninvasively track burn injury progression and that can debirde burn eschar without damage to underlying viable tissue. 

P&L Technical Management Solutions Corp

Technical consulting services offering Strategic Planning, Product Development, Systems Engineering , and Program Management services to other businesses .

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Plant Genetic Engineering

Plant Genetic Engineering, Inc. (PGE) is a privately held agricultural biotechnology corporation located at the Long Island High Technology Incubator. Our mission is to fundamentally improve global food security and sustainability by reducing the cost and environmental impact of agriculture . To accomplish this mission, PGE IS developing technologies that reduce the reliance on conventional fertilizers by enabling plants to protect themselves against nitrogen deficiency. This protection is embodied in two core capabilities, increased nitrogen use efficiency, and nirtrogen self-supplementation.


PolyNova CardioVascular LLC

Polynova Cardiovascular, Inc. is developing novel heart valve replacement technology using state-of-the-art synthetic biomaterials designed to displace existing animal tissue-based products being used in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures, which avoids open-heart surgery. Polynova aims to be the first company to commercialize safe and effective polymeric prosthetic heart valves.


Progen Life Sciences

There is an urgent unmet clinical need to reliably predict the outcome of therapeutic regimens. A companion diagnostic test may predict an improved outcome for the patient, at a lower cost, and with fewer side effects. The presence (or absence) of biomarkers may guide physicians in determining the appropriate course of treatment. ProgenLifeSciences will commercialize these assays. Additional prospective studies will be performed, based on the expression of molecular biomarkers. Kits and Reagents produced at Progen will be marketed globally, to academic and Industry researchers.


RDS2 Solutions, Inc.

RDS2 Solutions, Inc. is a drug development company researching the development of proprietary Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) drug


Sanworks LLC

Sanworks LLC. develops automated systems for Neuroscience research, and streamlines access to them through an online assembly service. Our goal is to make Neuroscience tools open, affordable and accessible. We are especially focused on embedded systems for exploring the links between brain function and behavior.


Softheon, Inc.

Empowering the nation's first state health benefit exchange since 2008, Softheon's vision and strategic direction address healthcare payer, provider and government  agencies' goal of meeting Affordable Care Act (ACA) milestones.  Softheon provides solutions for interacting with Federal and State Health Insurance Exchange (HIM) Marketplaces, while measurably reducing administrative costs, improving  member and provider satisfaction,as well as,addressing regulatory  compliance challengesin all managed care administrative processes.


Sustained Nano Systems, Inc.

Sustained Nano Systems’ patented, polymer-based, drug delivery system utilizes drug-loaded nanoparticles and microparticles to deliver sustained and therapeutic levels of drugs to targeted tissues over periods of days, weeks, months or years, as required. The technology may be used to encapsulate a large array of drugs and offered through multiple modalities.


SynchroPET, Inc.

Manufacturer of small animal PET scan and human PET scan devices.


TargaGenix, Inc.

TargaGenix, Inc. is developing a novel therapy for the treatment of cancer that targets cancer stem cells and bulk tumor cells. The product, DHA-SBT-1214 was the result of a 10+ year effort to discover new molecules that were effective against chemotherapy resistant tumors and has been shown in preclinical models that it can treat and cure animals with tumor types that are resistant to current chemotherapy treatments.

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Theragnostic Technologies, Inc. 

Theragnostic Inc. was established in 2012 to facilitate the translation of innovative biomedical and healthcare technoogies from the laboratory of Dr. Balaji Sitharaman at Stony Brook University into Clinic. Its current focus is to develop a novel high performance carbon nanostructure-based magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent (CA) to diagnose and monitor patients with renal failure. They are currently conducting studies towards investigational ne drug_(IND) approval (safety and efficacy studies to support Phase 1 first-in-human(FIH) clinical trial.) Additionally, their current focus is to scale up the synthesis of the test article used in these studies using a comparable protocol to be used for the final clinical material.


Traverse Biosciences, Inc.

Traverse Biosciences is commercializing novel drug candidates for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and related conditions affecting humans and companion animals.


Vascular Simulations LLC

Vascular Simulations LLC physically replicates the vascular system from the heart to the aorta, cerebrovasculature and the peripheral vasculature. This replicator allows for the performance of endovascular procedures under real life fluoroscopic conditions with the actual access devices and implants that are utilized in clinical settings.


Development of diagnostic tools for the early detection of cancer with a drop of blood (Liquid Biopsy). 


Vitatex, Inc.

Viatex Inc. is the global provider of circulating tumor cell (CTC)-enrichment technology and products for revolutionary blood tests or liquid biopsies.


Zortag, Inc.

Zortag has developed a 3D bar coding anti-counterfeiting system.