Business Incubator at Calverton

Established in 2005 to enhance Eastern Long Island’s agricultural, aquacultural and environmental industries, the Calverton Business Incubator is helping to create a new base of industries by promoting the growth of its tenant companies. The Incubator’s nearly 24,000 square feet of modern offices, conference rooms, laboratories with both fresh and saltwater access and state-of-the-art food-processing equipment provide an optimal working environment that focuses on the development of ventures compatible with the unique economic setting of Long Island’s East End.

The Agriculture Consumer Science Center (ACSC), completed in 2012, provides regional wine and food producers and local entrepreneurs access to shared processing areas and the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, scientists and professionals of Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the New York State Small Business Development Center who can guide and advise from concept to commercialization. As a shared-use, small-scale food processing center, ACSC allows farmers to add value to their agricultural commodities, gives community food businesses the opportunity to expand into new lines, and helps potential food entrepreneurs to start new businesses. It offers farmers and start-up and expanding businesses the opportunity to explore retail food production without the high cost of equipment or manufacturing space, and also provides much-needed technical assistance in food production and general business management education. Stony Brook University has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with J. Kings Food Distributors to develop a curriculum designed to help the local independent food business get the training needed to raise awareness and expand its knowledge base of information to generate successful businesses.

CEWIT Incubator

Located in the Research and Development Park on the campus of Stony Brook University, the CEWIT Incubator is space that is home to a companies within the CEWIT building. CEWIT provides an integrated suite of services designed to fit the needs of diverse incubator companies. Our staff members’ combined range of recognized scientific, corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurship/startup venture experience directly benefits companies located in CEWIT as we provide a wide range of both scientific vetting and business mentoring.
Our advice, guidance, and assistance are geared to directly help incubator companies. Through the consulting mode of our work, we apply our entire network, often cross-referring contacts among other enterprises. The integration of our Centers’ Business Development and Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) functions has enabled us further to optimize a company’s or inventor’s experience on the Stony Brook University campus. This experience includes aid in the creation of new businesses and helping entrepreneurs to sort out their operating business model and funding options, their time horizons and viability, and how they can gain leverage by application of SBU’s intellectual and material assets. At times, on a temporary basis, we will augment a client’s own business development where we can do so on a joint basis for them and for our Centers. We gladly edit and help burnish business plans (BP) and investor/customer presentations for clients through our EIR program.

Our venture funding network includes the Long Island Angel Network and our active contacts with the MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City have also helped us with multiple funding referrals. Thus our venture funding assistance activities on behalf of our Centers’ client span Angel through Series B.

CEWIT additionally assists in finding appropriate interns and manages internship programs for incubator companies. We measure the progress of each intern and help counsel companies with how they can gain the maximum benefit from this program. We advise in the hiring of interns and maintain their attendance, as well as assist incubator companies’ customers in showcasing CEWIT and the University’s technical skills available to them. CEWIT staff also participates in customer meetings of incubator companies. We furthermore arrange seminars on topics such as Intellectual Protecting, Legal Issues, Accounting Principles, and Research and Development Tax Credits.

Through these and other services available to incubator companies from other Stony Brook University networks, incubator companies continue to create economic wealth for New York State and the nation. View the business missions of our current incubator companies here at CEWIT.

AERTC Incubator

Located in the Research and Development Park on the campus of Stony Brook University, the AERTC Incubator is space that is home to a few companies within the AERTC building. The Advanced Energy Center (AERTC) is a true partnership of Academic institutions, Research institutions, Energy providers and Industrial Corporations. Its mission is innovative energy research, education and technology deployment with a focus on efficiency, conservation, renewable energy and nanotechnology applications for new and novel sources of energy.

All incubator tenants and program participants have potential access to a comprehensive array of business, science and technology resources through Stony Brook’s Economic Development groups including:

  • Dedicated company space rental through “facility use permits”
  • Management and business development assistance
  • Faculty and student talent
  • Specialized research facilities on campus